LungSim™ is the first Ventilator paired with any patient simulators.


LungSim™ is a unique and immersive mechanical ventilator simulator that allows you to interface with your human patient simulator.

This model-driven software that, with the stand-alone mode, permits the user to train himself on the respiratory mechanisms and, thanks to the simulation mode, to create advanced simulation scenarios on several cases of pulmonary diseases or acute respiratory failures while being wirelessly linked to a patient simulator (simulation mode).

LungSim™ incorporates vital sign’s alteration, ventilatory parameters and multiple other features. The trainee can develop the ability to interpret ventilator data, formulate diagnoses and adapt the treatment to the pathological patient’s case. Furthermore, it allows the instructors to simulate several patient conditions, for example, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or severe respiratory distress syndromes by simply changing patient parameters and ventilator values.

LungSim™ is composed of a realistic learner interface with integrated controls that simulate a real ventilator. Additionally, the instructor can display his student’s interface on PCs, tablets, smartphones connected via the network, supporting the use LungSim™ during advanced simulation scenarios. The user interface incorporates built-in validated layouts in order to simulate different ventilators and situations. It allows the user to choose among 4 different ventilation modes:

  • Volume Control: through this ventilation mode the user can define the tidal volume administered to the patient. The airway pressure results from the compliance of the lungs, airaways resistances and the inhaled volume.
  • Pressure Control: using this ventilation mode the user can define the inspiratory pressure which is administered to the patient’s lungs.
  • Pressure Support: using this assisted ventilation mode, that is patient-triggered (by pressure or airflow), the user can set the ventilator simulator to provide assistance when the patient makes a breathing effort. In this ventilation mode the trigger threshold represents a critical setting; actually an incorrect value of this parameter can produce the so called missed triggering phenomenon.
  • APRV: this ventilation mode is a form of CPAP which utilises releases of the high pressure level to a low pressure level intermittently and so it allows the administration of inverse ratio ventilation. In this modality, the patient has the freedom to make unassisted spontaneous breaths.

    The user interface allows also the user to directly change the ventilation settings (as the Positive End-Expiratory Pressure, the Respiratory Rate or the Tidal Volume) and to see on the virtual ventilator monitor several output parameters updating in real time (like Fraction of Inspired Oxygen, Insp : Esp Ratio, Expiratory Minute Volume, Inspiratory Minute Volume, Drive Pressure Value, etc.) and waveforms (like Pressure, Volume, Flow, Volume - Pressure loop, Flow - Pressure loop, Flow - Volume loop etc.).

    The instructor is able to change the value of the parameters like the Lung Compliance, Thorax Compliance, Resistances, Respiratory Muscle Effort that describe the patient charachteristics and this will clearly affects the Respiratory Rate, the Inspiration Time, the Oxygen saturation, the End-Tidal CO2 and the Arterial Pressure of the high-fidelity simulator.

    Through the instructor interface, the instructor also have the possibility to load pathology presets – like the different steps of a COVID-19 typical case – or to simulate common adverse events that can typically occur during a real ventilation scenario – presence of water in the endotracheal tube, leaks in the tube or in the patient’s lungs, presence of a mucus plug, or the presence of a bend in the tube.

    A COVID-19 LungSim™ full scenario is now available! Ask to the Accurate team for more information


    LungSim™ allows the user to train on the use of a mechanical ventilator without the need to own or buy a real ventilator!

    LungSim™ includes:

    • LungSim case including a USB stick with LungSim software, lifetime license key and user manual
    • Installation support and remote training
    • Lifetime free software updates and upgrades

    Minimum System Requirements for the PC:

    • Display: 15’ - Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    • CPU: Intel Core i-5
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
    • SSD (Solid State Drive): 128 GB
    • Dedicated graphic card RAM: 2 GB

    LungSim™ is a product from Accurate, a company blending international experience, scientific research, engineering and development of truly effective hi-tech educational solutions in the medical field.

    CLINICAL USE DISCLAIMER: LungSim™is licensed for use for educational purposes only. LungSim™ is not intended for clinical use. Accurate srl patent.


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