LungSim™ is the first Ventilator paired with any patient simulators.


LungSim™ is a unique and immersive mechanical ventilator simulator that is able to be interfaced with your human patient simulator.

This model driven software allows the user to be self-trained on the respiratory mechanisms (standalone mode) as well as to create advanced simulation scenarios on different patients with pulmonary diseases or acute respiratory failures when wirelessly linked to a patient simulator (simulation mode).

LungSim™ incorporates real-time changes in vital signs, ventilatory parameters and more. Users can be trained on define ventilator data, formulate diagnoses and make changes to best treat pathological patients. It allows instructors to simulate several patient conditions as for example chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or acute respiratory distress syndromes simply changing patient parameters and ventilator values.

This software is composed by a realistic “user interface” with integrated controls that simulate a real ventilator and a friendly browser based “instructor interface” that can be used on PC, tablet, smartphone connected via network to the user interface and allows to use LungSim™ during advanced simulation scenarios. The user interface incorporates built-in validated layouts in order to simulate different ventilators and situations: it allows the user to directly change on the GUI parameters of the patient (as the Positive End-Expiratory Pressure, the Respiratory Rate or the Tidal Volume) and to see on the virtual ventilator monitor several values (like Fraction of Inspired Oxygen, Insp : Esp Ratio, Expiratory Minute Volume, Inspiratory Minute Volume, Drive Pressure Value, etc.) and waveforms (like Pressure, Volume, Flow, Volume - Pressure loop, Flow - Pressure loop, Flow - Volume loop etc.).

The instructor is able to change the value of parameters like the Lung Compliance, Thorax Compliance, Resistance, Respiratory Muscle Effort of the patient in order to affect the Respiratory Rate, the Inspiration Time, the Oxygen saturation, the End-Tidal CO2 and the Arterial Pressure of the high-fidelity simulator.

LungSim™ allows the user to train on the use of a mechanical ventilator without the need to have or buy a real mechanical ventilator.

LungSim™ is a training platform that can be installed on any computer with an Internet connection simply using an access code provided by Accurate.

LungSim™ is a product from Accurate, a company blending international experience, scientific research, engineering and development of truly effective hi-tech educational solutions in the medical field.

CLINICAL USE DISCLAIMER: LungSim™is licensed for use for educational purposes only. LungSim™ is not intended for clinical use. Accurate srl patent.


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